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Mama’s Monthly Mentions (June 2020)

I do love a good alliteration. Every month I would like to compile a list of what Layton and I are currently reading, watching, listening to, or otherwise worth mentioning. I’ll probably mention Daddy too.

I’m a few days late for June, but it’s here!

Mama Mentions
Creating: I just repurposed some candle jars into some bathroom decor!

Reading: I’m finishing up “What to Expect the first year.” I was way behind in the book! Although, I do like the traditional “What to Expect When You’re expecting” book, this one about baby’s first year was not my favorite. I preferred “Baby 411” which I reference regularly.

Listening To: I just finished listening to the audiobook of  “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. It’s pretty funny and there’s one great motherhood chapter near the end that had me almost peeing from laughter.
Money-saving tip: My local library has FREE audiobooks (via the Axis 360 app). It’s pretty great!

Watching: “Sweet Magnolias” on NetFlix. It’s okay.

Mama’s Me Time Activity: Blogging, or at least attempting to get blog posts up.


Layton Mentions
Current Favorite Toy: “I’ve got my remote and I’m in control!” Let that get stuck in your head…Layton’s current favorite toy is this singing remote toy. He’s loved this toy for a long time and lately has been grabbing it first from the toy box, holding it up to me to turn it on and pushing the buttons…over and over and over…

Current Favorite Book:
Henry and Mudge books.

New Discovery:
Squishing blueberries, making them stick to his fingertip, and then eating them! It’s pretty cute!

Recent Milestone:
uhhh….. WALKING!! Follow my Instagram for videos! 

Memorable Moment:
Steamboat weekend with Ben’s family (sans actual Ben) Even though Ben wasn’t there, Layton and I got to hang out with the inlaws and his cousin and went on lots of hiking adventures and made best friends with his cousin puppy.


Family Time Activity: Practicing walking back and forth between Mommy and Daddy. 

Daddy’s Mentions for the month: Daddy taught Layton how to belly flop on the couch cushions! It’s pretty cute!


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