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Mama’s Monthly Mentions (July 2020)

I do love a good alliteration. Every month I would like to compile a list of what Layton and I are currently reading, watching, listening to, or otherwise worth mentioning. I’ll probably mention Daddy too.

Life is pretty complicated right now and unfortunately, blogging can’t be a priority, but every now and then I get a few spare minutes to write. We’re about halfway into August but here’s what July brought:

Mama Mentions
Creating: All month long I was working on some cross stitches for new babies and a wedding sampler. I also made a really simple sloth fleece blanket for Layton.

craft baby blaket
Simple, fleece tie baby blanket

I’ve been slowly getting through “Parenting with Love and Logic.” I really like it; it’s more for slightly older kids, but it’s still giving me some things to think about in terms of how to raise and discipline effectively.

Listening To:
I’ve been downing audiobooks lately. I probably went through about six or seven in July. Some are deep and require concentration (like “The Water Cure” by Sophie Mackintosh) and some have been relaxing for right before bed (like my young adult series, “Matched” by Allie Condie).

Hmmm… nothing mom or parenting related. Just watching some episodes of “The Rain” when I get a chance on NetFlix.

Mama’s Me Time Activity:
Not much last month, but when I did have a free moment, working on my cross stitch projects was relaxing. 

Layton Mentions
Current Favorite Toy: For his birthday, he got a LOT of toys. He really likes to carry around his toolbox and tools (something very similar to this) and drive his Cozy Coupe.

cozy coupe child toy

Current Favorite Book: “All abroad to the National Parks” he got from his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin for his birthday.

New Discovery:
The cold river! We walked to the local creek and stuck our feet in the icy water! Layton did not like it!

Recent Milestone:
More teeth! He now has 6 teeth in. Four on top and two on the bottom. He is also learning more and more words and associating them to what they mean.

Memorable Moment:
His 1st Birthday! We had close family and a few friends over for some food and cake. Layton was spoiled with love and presents, had a great time swimming with his cousin and did the best 1st birthday cake smash ever! 

Family Time Activity: We have been trying to make it a point to do one specific family activity a week. Whether that’s going for a hike, a long drive, or walking to the park, we’ve been finding it great for our mental health.

hiking colorado paint mine
Hiking around the Paint Mine near Colorado Springs

Daddy’s Mentions for the month: “I’m going to miss those noises the most,” referring to when Layton makes cooing and silly giggle noises.

(Yes, some of the links above are Amazon affiliate links. If you buy something through those links, the price to you is the same but I get a kickback! Ya know, trying to monetize my blogs!)


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