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Layton’s 1st Birthday

Wow. Layton is over a year old (now almost 14 months). Already!! How did that even happen!?

I would love to write a heartfelt story about the last year with profound words about how much he’s changed our lives for the better and I couldn’t imagine life without him, but I don’t even know how to begin that type of story! Words can’t describe how much I love watching this kid grow and learn.

As much as the 1st birthday is a fun gathering where you get to watch a baby shovel cake in their face, the 1st birthday is also about the parents, I mean, you should get to celebrate lasting a whole year, trying to figure out parenthood!

When I first starting thinking about having a birthday party for Layton, I wished I could invite all the people that helped us out throughout the year, but alas, we knew we should keep it small due to COVID. We debated back and forth what we wanted to do and ultimately just settled on a small gathering of our immediate family and a couple of friends. We BBQed and had adult beverages while everyone doted on and spoiled Layton.

Layton got a TON of presents, did great with his cake smash, and got lots of playing and pool time with his cousin (who is just about one month older).

Since Layton is too small to pick a theme, I stuck to his sloth theme that I picked for his birth and nursery. I cannot wait to do birthdays in the future (please pick dinosaurs, please pick dinosaurs, please pick dinosaurs...)!

It was a great 1st birthday and we are super grateful for all the gifts, help, and love for Layton over the year!

Check out my Pinterest board that inspired the decorations and my cake.


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