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Mama’s Monthly Mentions (August 2020)

I do love a good alliteration. Every month I would like to compile a list of what Layton and I are currently reading, watching, listening to, or otherwise worth mentioning. I’ll probably mention Daddy too.

Mama Mentions

Creating: I just finished up a cross stitch project, a wedding sampler for my cousin. Here’s a picture of it pre-wash and frame.

Reading: “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards. This book has been on my shelf for who knows how long; I don’t even remember buying it or where it came from! I found the audio book on my library’s free audio book APP and have been loving this deep book. In short, it’s about a woman who gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl with sown syndrome. During labor, she passes out and her husband, who is the doctor, hands the girl off to the nurse with instructions to drop the baby off at a poorly run orphanage facility and tells his wife the twin died at birth. Instead, the nurse raises the baby as her own, the biological mother not knowing. This book dives into themes about love, parenthood, accomplishing dreams, and marriage. I’m almost done, but so far I highly recommend it.

Listening to: The rain outside my window. It’s much needed and the sound is so calming and relaxing.

Watching: NOTHING! I have not been finding anything that sounds good to watch or that interests me! Nothing motherhood related or otherwise! Recommendations?

Mama’s Me Time Activity: This past month? The daily shower. Oh boy do I look forward to my 15 minutes to myself in the shower and the following 15 minutes of my nightly routine.

Layton Mentions

Current Favorite Toy: Any type of ball! In particular the dog’s gross tennis ball!

Current Favorite Book: All my old, vintage Dr. Seuss books! My mom recently brought a tub of my old books down and in them are these old Disney and Dr. Seuss books. I think they were from one of those mail subscriptions things like this ad. Anyone else have these??

I don’t know if it’s the feel of the cover or what, he grabs those books first, carries them all around, flips the pages (doesn’t even try to tear out the paper!) and brings them to me at bed time!

New Discovery: Knocking on things. It’s pretty cute.

Recent Milestone: Climbing on the couch. He can now get on the couch by himself….and, luckily, can now get off the safe way!

Memorable Moment: Being a ring bearer at my cousin’s wedding!

Family Time Activity: Having family from out of town.

Four generations

Daddy Mentions: “Babe! look! This is how to be a dad,” he says as he holds Layton while vacuuming.


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