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Mama’s Monthly Mentions (September 2020)

I do love a good alliteration. Every month I would like to compile a list of what Layton and I are currently reading, watching, listening to, or otherwise worth mentioning. I’ll probably mention Daddy too.

Mama Mentions… this month has been so busy. I have been working a ton between my main job (albeit still not back to regular pay) and coaching. We held our first in-person race (my main job) since March and coaching is just crazy; there’s something new to deal with every day… it’s impossible to work on my hobbies, but I’m trying; especially because I’m trying to become a stronger writer to see if I can break into that industry!

Creating: I’m still working on some cross stitch projects I’ve had for awhile!

Reading: “The Montessori Toddler.” I originally checked this book out from the library but I really liked it, and it was 3 months overdue, so I ended up buying my own copy! I’m not a 100% Montessori mama, I’m barely 25%, but this book gives you some good ideas if you want to bring some Montessori play/learning into your home. It’s written very well, includes pictures, and example ideas for each age.

Listening To: “The Farm” audiobook. I honestly thought this book was going to be a bit different when I read the overview (I was thinking more dystopian/cult fiction). It ended up being just a fiction book about women that go to live a “the Farm” while carrying a surrogate baby for super-wealthy families. The first 2/3 were kinda boring, but the book did explore deep thoughts about pregnancy, motherhood, and family.
Find it on Goodreads.

Watching: Anything on Disney+. I’ve been a long-term insomniac and in recent weeks, I have taken to setting my phone up next to my pillow and watching a movie to fall asleep. It kinda works. The most recent movie: Zombies 2. It took me about four nights to get through the whole movie, but I did enjoy it in a geeky way.

Mama’s Me Time Activity: Speaking of Disney+, I’ve taken a 10-month hiatus from my Watching Every Disney Movie ever project I started years ago. I got a list of every Disney movie ever and started watching them, mostly in order of date released. In the process of doing this on my own, I found a girl on YouTube that is also doing this and reviewing them on her channel. She’s super cute, in an “I feel old enough to be her Mom kind of way”, but has improved tremendously over the years and gained so many followers since the beginning!
Check out Jess and her Every Disney Movie Ever project on YouTube

Layton Mentions… Layton is a rough and tumble, full of personality, ready to explore, 14-month-old. In the past month, he’s been keeping us busy, coming with me to cross country practices, and unfortunately taking a trip to the emergency room. I haven’t decided if I will write in detail about that, but in quick: he caught a random virus bug (negative for COVID) but it caused an intestinal intussusception which required an emergency procedure to fix (not surgery). He’s better now, recovered, and back to his normal self!

Current Favorite Toy: The traditional popper toy! You know what I’m talking about…

Current Favorite Book: This kid LOVES books. Obviously, he’s not reading yet, but he will just flip the pages and flip the pages…he’ll grab a book, plop in my lap, and put the book in my hand. All. Day. Long. And I love it! Right now, he keeps finding this “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” picture book we have. He must really like the colors. He also likes this tiny board book about a construction truck and giggles when I read “rumble rumble.”

New Discovery/Milestone: Body parts! He now knows what different body parts are! Like, “Layton, where’s your belly?” and he’s point to his belly! He knows belly, eyes, ears, nose, hair, mouth, and toes/feet!

Memorable Moment: Meeting Layton’s new cousin, Casey. 🙂

Family Time Activity: We’ve still been going on a lot of family walks to parks and having picnic lunches.

Daddy Mentions:


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