Layton, 9 Months

I am Mama.

… it is who I am now. I am constantly creating my version of Mama.

I am also Whitney.

In this blog, you’ll find stories about my journey into motherhood and how I am creating my way into motherhood, an ever-changing adventure. I’ll share things about pregnancy, motherhood, crafting (one of my hobbies) and my other passions relating to parenting like traveling, saving money, working mom stories, and more!

More about me:

Creating Mama
I became Mama July 11, 2019. Layton is (you can do the math) old at the time of you reading this. Ben, my partner (we’re not technically married but boyfriend is not the right word; we file taxes together!), and I did not quite realize what was in store for us when that pregnancy test read positive, but we couldn’t be happier. Layton is constantly challenging us, in a good way, and makes our life so much more full.

Why The Blog
I love writing, I always have. From the time I was in 2nd grade writing short stories of Scruffy the dog with wings that smelled like cookie dough to now. I am a freelance writer and have published works at 10Adventures.com and I also write a running and travel related blog at RacingTheStates.com

I wanted to create a “mommy blog” as I call it because I have so much I want to share about motherhood, pregnancy and the crafts I’ve done for Layton that I didn’t feel like had a place on my other blog. I hope that my pregnancy and motherhood stories will comfort those that need them and my crafting activities will give others an idea that keeps their kiddo entertained for hours!

I LOVE crafting. I may not be very artistic (although I really wish I could draw or paint well), but I love creating things that brighten up the home, decorate the walls, or serve a purpose, like entertaining my kiddo. I could spend hours on Pinterest and I love seeing something I want, a decoration or toy, and finding a way to do it myself. I get so excited when Layton plays with the toys I have made for him.

My craft hobby of choice is cross stitching because it really relaxes me when I need to let my mind calm down. I’m also a sucker for craft kits and those sip and paint or build places.

Other Stuff I feel Is Important
In addition to crafting and blogging and you know, raising Layton, I do work full time. Yes, I am a “stay at home mom” and a “working mom”! Ben and I own a rock climbing guiding company, Golden Mountain Guides. I also work full time (or as close to it as I can) at a running company as a race director and help with marketing/operations. And I coach high school Cross Country and Track & Field. Oh and sometimes I do freelance writing. I need a nap.