I once saw some write, “I’m not artistic, I’m crafty.” I feel this way very much myself. I’ve never been the best artist, but I can sure imitate someone’s idea and make it my own. I have always wished I could draw really well, but it’s just not in the cards for me, unless you like sunflowers, because I can draw those really well, albeit from online one view point.

Whenever I find a new craft or activity and share my creation or Layton’s excitement on social media, my friends are always impressed. I always tell them, don’t be too impressed with me, just my ability to use Pinterest and Google.

I spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest and when I want to create something or figure out a new activity for Layton to learn a new skill, I fire up the ol’ Over time, I’ve found a few website, Instagram accounts, and resources that I reference more often than others and they have become a great help in how I mother, what I create and the activities we do!

Here’s a list of those resources split into categories that I’m passionate about:

Healthline Parenthood (I subscribe to the newsletter and find a lot of the articles relevant and interesting)
Social Media

Activities for kids
Social Media

Crafting – She posts craft ideas and free cross stitch patterns.

Minimalism (I love the concept of minimalism. I think it in its simplest form, makes people rethink what they are spending money on and how they value possessions to free up their mind and life to make more time for what’s important and their passions. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean owning the bare minimum one can survive on or having all possession in black and white decor. It’s more about be mindful on what you keep and what you bring into your home. We are still working on this concept within our home but it has already made a difference. For us, our version of minimalism means getting rid of stuff we don’t need, really thinking about purchases and this has made our house less cluttered and freed up the time that we usually spend cleaning to be able to work on our business more and passions more)
Minimalist Beauty – I just found her social and blog. She makes minimalism with parenthood look beautiful. Don’t understand what that means? Just check out her Instagram.

Saving Money

BabyCenter (I subscribe to the newsletter still and used the APP to track my pregnancy, vegetable size comparisons included)

Post Partum