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Mama’s Monthly Mentions (October 2020)

I do love a good alliteration. Every month I compile a list of what Layton and I are currently reading, watching, listening to, or otherwise worth mentioning. I’ll probably mention Daddy too.

Mama Mentions…October. I can’t sum up the month without the cliche “it’s been a busy one!” Work-wise, the Cross Country season finished up (I coach), I race directed a race in-person and switched a few to virtual, and the business we own is hanging in there! I also joined as an Usborne Book consultant and have been working on building that up! And to add a little fun in there, we went on a quick family vacation to Moab, taking Layton camping for the 1st time! October also brought Halloween and we briefly introduced Layton to trick or treating as best we could!

Creating: I made these cute leaf mason jar candles for our dining room table! They’ll be great through Thanksgiving, I think!

Reading: THIS article about a baby gorilla being born c-section.
Listening to: Some Green Day! I feel like their song “American Idiot” was ahead of its time...
Watching: Well, it was Halloween month, so I was watching ALL the Disney Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus, Don’t Look Under The Bed, Haunted Mansion, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire…
Mama’s Me Time Activity: Starting my new Book Business! I joined Usborne Books & More as a consultant. Layton LOVES the books and I’m excited to promote and sell these awesome books and help build family home libraries. Find out more here.

Layton reading Usborne Book’s “My very first train book

Layton’s Mentions….This kid is full of energy, literally running everywhere, and loves to play! He really likes animals, especially dogs, and is working on his animal noises.

Current Favorite Toy: The hammer! He’s always carrying around his plastic hammer saying, “am-mar.”

Current Favorite Book: “Don’t tickle the hippo” from Usborne books and this simple, small colors book we got from a box of hand-me-downs.
New Discovery/Milestone: Walking on tiptoes, backing up, snorting, animal sounds, screeching…so many!
Memorable Moment: Trick or Treating with his cousin.

Family Time Activities: Camping in Moab and hiking! It was a much-needed vacation and a blast!

Daddy Mentions: “I’ll be glad when this screeching phase is over!”